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Babits Bikes of Greenville, NC

Frequently Asked Questions:

We welcome all of your questions and concerns. If your questions aren't answered below please do not hesitate to call the shop during business  hours and we'll do our best to help you!

(252) 754-0934

Q: What brands do you carry?

A: We are a licensed dealer for HARO, PREMIUM, KONA, MASI, DEL SOL, SUN, GT, SCHWINN, and ORBEA bicycles.


As far as accessories go, we are also a licensed dealer for FOX, INDUSTRY NINE, BELL, GIRO, BLACKBURN, COPILOT, EASTON.

**Many other brands are available for order upon request and are not limited to those above**

Q: What are your hours of operation?





Q: Do you sell used bicycles?

A:  From time to time we may have a consignment bike for sale. To view the available items please visit our USED ITEMS page. 

Q: What are your service prices?

A: Tune Up prices are priced below:

Coaster Bikes                                35.00

Single Speed hand brakes         40.00

BMX and Freestyle                        45.00

3/7 Speed                                       45.00

ATB or Road                                   55.00

Air Dyne                                           65.00

Hyd Tune-up                                   95.00

Tandem                                           95.00

Recumbent                                   110.00-125.00

Hyd Performance tune-up          125.00

Performance tune                         95.00

Drive train clean (rear shifter)     55.00

During every tune up our mechanics  carefully air the tires, adjust the front and rear hub, true both wheels, adjust headset and stem, adjust the bottom bracket, adjust front and rear brakes, check, lube and adjust the front and rear derailleurs, lube and wipe down the chain, wipe down the frame, and test ride the bike.

**For other service prices including complete overhauls, or installation/adjustments of accessories, bottom bracket, brakes, cranks, pedals, derailleurs, tubes, forks, freehweel or cassette, handlebars, headsets, and wheels, please call or stop by!**

Q: Do you give discounts?

A: Absolutely. We apply an automatic 10% discount to any purchase for members of the ECVELO riding club, ECU Students and faculty, and members of the U.S. Military.