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Babits Bikes of Greenville, NC

 Babits Bikes BMX Team

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Lane George

Age: 28

Your current bike: Redline Device

Number of years riding: 15

Favorite Rider: Jeremy Fanberg

Biggest accomplishments: Moving to Greenville, NC and being able to ride my bike for a living

Your Hero: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why? Because everything he says is comedic gold

Advice you'd give to new riders: Ride your bike as much as possible, keep it positive and make sure your bike is dialed...if its not dialed then bring it to the good people at Babits Bikes to dial it in for you.

Why you ride: I have always enjoyed riding my bike, learning new tricks and meeting new people. Also, riding your bike never really gets old because there is always something new you can learn or even work on something that you can already do...riding bikes is just fantastic!!


Jeff Lemak

Age: 21

Current Bike: Macneil frame, S&M bars, Fit forks, Colony stem, Fly brakes, Profile sprocket and cranks, Odyssey pedals and back wheel, Ti spokes, Profile mini front hub.

Number of years riding: 9

Favorite Rider: Josh Harrington and Mark Webb

Biggest Accomplishment: Making the move to Greenville and riding as well and progressing everyday while having fun.  Also traveling to contests.

Your Hero: Parents

Why? They support me 110% and got me where I am today.  Taught me everything and made me the person I am today.  I wouldn't be here without them.  I want to make them proud.

Advice for New Riders: Have a good head on your shoulders.  Keep with it.  Keep your head up high through good and the rough times. Go 110% if you want to go for it.

Why you ride: It makes me who I am.  Every good or bad thought goes away when I grab on to those bars.  Its a challenge mental and physical as well as FUN!  It's my heart and passion.  It keeps me out of trouble.  Just good times, you have one life so live it to its fullest.